Sacred Temple Dance

When the body is treated as a sacred temple, it is possible to be at service to let the divine work through it, to make it happen here and now. This temple is a place where the earth- and the sun-energies flow through, filling it with life-force. The dance is a prayer, giving thanks to all that is.

Anicha uses her experience and knowledge (since 1995) about Raja yoga and many dances, like Middle Eastern Dance, Indian Kathak, Spanish Flamenco, Gypsy styles, Brazilian Samba and Argentinean Tango, Sufi-dance to make a story and perform an improvisation dance. Bringing back to life mystical dances that were performed in temples and fusing them with new elements like sound, props, costumes and projections.

Anicha’s performances are often accompanied by life musicians that play flute, frame drum, udu, violin and other instruments that give a peaceful heart based vibration.

If you want to organize a Sacred Temple Dance performance or a -workshop with a group (family/friends/colleagues) call +31-(0)6-53374467.